Monday, February 4, 2013

So Santa Rosa

Yesterday as I biked around,  I took photos of things that charmed me.   The cat sleeping on the hood of this immaculate vintage Mercedes completes a scene that perfectly depicts middle class Santa Rosa.

This is a house in the McDonald District.  The Mabelton Mansion across the street was built by Mark McDonald as a Summer home from his family's residence in San Francisco.  The houses in the surrounding neighborhood reflect a long history of wealth.  The flag blew back and forth gently in the chilly breeze.

Peeking through the trees and hedges, it's difficult not to notice the ornate features of the McDonald Mansion.  I don't quite understand what, to me, looks like fencing on and around the roofs.

A barren, wintry tree splays its branches skyward in front of this sun-drenched, solid-looking home on McDonald Avenue.

Seeing symmetrical design in garden and construction details is satisfying to the eye, in a small city where middle to upper-class structures can impart a feeling of normalcy and mundanity.  The carefully laid out plans indicate a desire for outside approval and pride of property. 

To the right of the figure closest to the camera, seated at the bar, is a Toad in the Hole regular.  He has a slightly dark but sharp sense of humor.  The woman farthest right was being given quite the talking to by the bald man to her left, who was speaking sternly in her face and being mildly aggressive while she seemed maintained her composure.  This went on for quite some time.  The man in the middle of the photo is a San Francisco 49er fan, clearly disparaged at the brutal loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 Super Bowl, and on a solo mission to nurse his wounds.  Ryan drank a 22 oz. Simtra Ale by Knee Deep Brewing Company, one of the beer specials, and I had a draft pour of Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA from Scotland.

The Honda Accord parked in front of this massive house lacks the splendor of the new Mercedes in the carport.  Given what I can surmise about the demographic of people who drive these respective cars, I believe the owner of the Honda to be an employee of the owner of the Mercedes.  The birds nearby sang loud and pointed their heads to the heavens in reverence of the shy February sun.  Monday morning was buckling with routine.

Fragrant paper whites crown the trunks of trees which line the flat avenues of eastern Santa Rosa.  Cruising through these streets in the shade of the trees is an inexplicably simple pleasure.

These houses share a similar appearance, with angular eaves, the presence of lamp posts, brick stairs and picket fences.  I took the photo because I liked the orange tree in between.

Corner of California and Alderbrook.  I still don't know the name of that mountain on the horizon but I'm trying to find out.  

This beautiful Burmese cat was sleeping on a covered boat parked in a driveway. It skulked off after we greeted it.  It was very large and had a lionesque face.